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BizzCloud's collaborative and real-time project management helps you get the work done.

Keep track of everything; from the big picture to the smallest details; from the customer contract to the final billing.

Designed To Fit Your Own Needs

Organize projects around your own processes. Work on tasks and issues using the kanban view; schedule tasks in the gantt chart and control deadlines in the calendar view. This open source software provides you with a variety of tools that can be easily adapted to your own project management system. Create specific stages for each project, so all your teams can optimize their work in a simple and a professional way.

Kanban Overview


Create Issues and Tasks Automatically

Get organized as fast as you can think. This easy-to-use interface takes no time to learn and every action you do is instantaneous. There's nothing standing between you and your sweet productive flow.

Incoming emails are integrated automatically to create new tasks and issues on the fly, allowing you to collaborate easily with customers.

Work Together Online

Chat in real time, work on tasks, share documents, integrate your emails

Work together on the same project proposals, specifications or meeting minutes right inside the application. The incorporated etherpad feature allows several people to work on the same tasks, at the same time.

It's a very efficient tool for summing up the meetings, drafting meeting minutes or complex project requirements. Every user has their own color and you can replay the whole creation of the content

Get Work Done

Get alerts on the projects and tasks that you follow in order to stay up to date with all that interests you. Use instant green/red visual indicators to scan through what has been done and what requires your attention.

Manage Contracts, Invoices & Timesheets

Projects are automatically integrated with customer contracts allowing you to prepare an invoice based on time & materials and to record timesheets easily.

Track Issues

Support services, helpdesk, complaints service, bug tracker, etc.

Single out the issues that arise in a project in order to have a better focus on resolving them. Integrate customer interaction on every issue and get accurate reports on the performance of your team.

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